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5 pictures of dogs smiling to brighten your day

Published on 11 Aug 2021

We could all use a bit of a pick me up from time to time, especially in the current lockdown lifestyle. What better way to bring a bit of happiness into your day than smiling along with some doggos.

So sit back and enjoy loveable pictures of dogs living their best life.

Good Vibes Doggo

Good Vibes Doggo - Dog Smile.jpg

This mischievous guy just wants to play. Look at that face...the tongue...and that head tilt.

A goofy smile like that puts out so many good vibes!

Those park feels

Those park feels - Smiling Border Collie Dog.jpg

If you’ve ever owned a Border Collie you know just how loving they are, but boy do they need some exercise. It's no wonder why this puppers is so happy; roaming freely, chasing balls and getting amonst all those new smells. 

Taking time for walkies is good for the mental health of your dog and you.

Love my hooman scratches

Smiling dog - Love my hooman scratches.jpg

A scratch behind the ears, a belly pat or that secret spot on their back. Sometimes nothing seems to give your dog more joy than that extra little bit of affection. This happy face says it all. After all,  pampering your furry friend like this brings as much joy to you as it does them. 

Cowabunga dude!

Cowabunga dude! - Smiling dogs.jpg

Waves rolling, salt air and the sun on your face, 

Whether your dog just loves zoomies through the sand or getting out amongst the waves. Any dog owner whose dog's ears perk up at the mere mention of the word 'beach' can related to this jocular Cavoodle

I’m coming mumma!

Im coming mumma - Dogs Smiling.jpg

This has to be one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen. Whether it’s the joy of running through the park or this puppers can’t wait for cuddles with her mumma. The sheer jubilation on that face can’t help but lift up your spirits. 

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Chow Chow brown dog close up portrait.

JK Growling

JK Growling likes the finger things in life (except wizards, don’t get her started). She only eats the bougie treats, loves showing off her tricks to the humans to get her bougie treats. 

She has one human: Delores, who she has wrapped around her little paw.