Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

5 ways to treat your dog like royalty this International Dog Day

5 ways to treat your dog like royalty this International Dog Day

Stop what you’re doing. It’s International Dog Day!

A day to celebrate all dogs, big and small, yappy and cute. But also a day to encourage everyone to foster and adopt dogs who need a home.

Look, in our book, every day is dog day. And cat day. But back to the dogs...this most wonderful day of the year is a time to think about everything those furry mates of ours do for us. Let’s face it, life is soooo much better with them in it. Even when they’re chewing your shoe, or barking at thin air. They make life fun, unpredictable and so much better overall.

That’s why we rek that we should celebrate our pooch pals and naturally we had some great ideas on how you can do just that!


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Three words: toys, toys, toys

From your squeakers, to your pullers and everything in between, every good (and bad) dog loves a toy. Either to fetch or chew, or just to drool on. 

And look, not to toot our own horn or anything (who are we kidding? TOOT TOOT), but we have some pretty nifty toys. If we weren't humans, we’d also be down on the floor chewin’ and pullin’ them (between you and me, certain staff members do this on the reg, but we won’t disclose who it is...today).

So jump on to our toys section and get to ordering to treat ya dog with the respect he/she deserves for making your life amazing af. 

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Extra long walks 

Because what else is there to do right now anyways? But if you’re beyond lockdown, there’s nothing better than getting into the GREAT.BIG.OUTDOORS, or even your local field and playing fetch with the dog mate and getting away from all of the screens in your life.

But IDD is not a day of normal walks. OH NO. ‘Tis a noble day. One which calls for a longer walk, with longer play times. So go twice around the field if you must, but show your four-legged pal the best time they’ve seen all week. Because ain’t no good-a-time, as walkies, when you’re a dog. Except food time. But for the sake of this sentence, let’s pretend. 

Treat em good

Show them real love, with food! And just for who they are. None of this treats for tricks malarky. Oh no, not on IDD day. That would be sacrilegious. On this day, we treat them because they are awesome fur pals, who we love more than all the things, in all the worlds.

Obvs don’t go making them sick or anything, or you’ll be on VetChat making friends. But we have a whole host of tasty treats and morsels right this way. 

Get them a friend

What’s better than a dog? TWO! (repeat until you have a party of dogs).

Seriously though, how about a lil baby brother or sister for your dog? Someone for it to walk with, talk with and have deep and meaningfuls about chew toys and fleas. Someone to bitch about cats with, sniff out the best spots and growl at the postman together. It would be a beautiful union.

You can hit up any of the dog and animal welfare centres to adopt a new puppy or dog and you’ll also be saving a pooch too. So much fur and so much fun!


Extra pats

You gotta double down on the patting love today. So make sure you’re taking extra time to pet the little furry meister’s face, to show them some real love for International Dog Day. We’re talking head pats, belly rubs, paw pats (some dogs are into it, ok?) and all of the pats. All of them, everywhere.

Have you got any other ways we can celebrate the miracle that is dogs? We’d love to hear!

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