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5 ways to spoil your dog like royalty

Published on 1 Aug 2022

In our books, everyday is dog day. And cat day. But back to the dogs –  we love to spoil them and we’re not afraid to admit it! From celebrating their birthdays to giving them a full-day pamper sesh, there are many ways to spoil your dog and sometimes it's the simplest things. Here are a few ways to spoil your dog like royalty and 5 easy ways to make them feel loved.

More cuddle time

This one's a no brainer. Dogs love pats, belly rubs and cuddles (who doesn't?) so why not spoil them with extra love – but in their love language? Let them curl up on the couch with you, under the covers or in their favourite spot in the house. We’re talking head pats, belly rubs, paw pats (some dogs are into it, ok?) and all of the pats. All of them, everywhere. They'll be in heaven!

small dog enjoying outoors getting pats.jpg

Toys, toys, toys

From your squeakers to your tennis balls and everything in between, every dog loves a toy. Not sure what to get? You can always ask your vet for some recommendations but another way is to watch your pup and observe – see what they're most drawn to. If they're a chewer, there are tons of different kinds of chew toys that will help with their oral hygiene. If they're a fetching professional, get a Frisbee or a ball. And if they just like to cuddle, go for the stuffed animals. 

Here are some of our top picks to spoil your dog with the best dog toys.

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Zee dog mr x dog toy.jpg

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Try: Zee Dog Brain Dead Dog Toy

zee dog brain dead dog toy.jpg

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Try: Nina Ottosson Casino Puzzle Dog Toy

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Nina Ottosson Casino Puzzle Dog Toy.jpg

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Extra long walks

Dogs love walks and the longer the walk, the better! We're all busy and more time-poor than ever, but if you can manage to sneak it in, why not add an extra 10-15 minutes to their usual walk time? Get a little lost and find a new route to explore together – smell new odours and meet new friends. Getting them out in nature – we're talking bush walks or dog-friendly beaches – is always good for the soul too. Track the distance travelled using a device like FitBark  and compare it with their previous walks – and celebrate the incremental progress each day.

Try: FitBark 2.0

fitbark dog activity tracker.jpg

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Treat em good

We're not saying you have to go out and buy chicken with broccoli and dehydrate them into little pup-friendly bites (although, if you want to, we support it 100%). When it comes to treating them, there are some great healthy treat options that you can swap in for the usual biscuits. You could even get creative in the kitchen and make some homemade dog treats together. It doesn't matter how you do it, but as long your dog loves it and it's good for them, that's all that counts!

Try: Balanced Life 6in Bully Stick Natural Dog Treats

Balanced Life 6in Bully Stick Natural Dog Treats - Best seller.jpg

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Socialise your dog

Dogs are social creatures and love to be around people and other dogs. If you have a dog that's the life of the party, take them to doggy daycare or dog-friendly cafes so they can play and make new friends. If your pup is more of a homebody, invite some friends over for a doggy play date in safe, enclosed environment. Just remember to do your research first – some dogs prefer the company of certain types of breeds and temperaments. Or maybe you're ready to expand your family and want to get a second dog

2 dog friends.jpg


Chow Chow brown dog close up portrait.

JK Growling

JK Growling likes the finer things in life (except wizards, don’t get her started). She only eats the bougie treats, loves showing off her tricks to the humans to get her bougie treats. 

She has one human: Delores, who she has wrapped around her little paw.

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