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6 of the best dental dog toys and why your dog will love them

Published on 6 Aug 2021

Golden retriever is searching through a box for the best dental dog toys.

Picture this, you’re trying to get into the bathroom, and your pet is in there AGAIN brushing its teeth. Always hogging the bathroom! Now, obviously, this isn’t a real scenario, because our loveable little furballs can’t brush their own teeth, or lock doors, but what a world it would be if they could! It would be much easier.

There would be no more stinky breath. No more teeth falling out. No more mouth infections. Dental problems don’t just harm their mouths, but can also cause reactions in their bodies, such as diabetes and heart disease! It’s a scary thought right?

But never fear, PetCulture is here! (We may put this slogan on a t-shirt.) It can be easy to look after your dog’s teeth.

We’ve rounded up some amazing dental and toys which help your dog’s pearly whites stay healthy and bright. We wish cleaning our teeth was this fun tbh.

Check them out below:

All for Paws Cuddle Dental Horse with Rope Dental Dog Toys: $14.99

Cuddle dental horse rope toys

You’re welcome to look THIS gift horse in the mouth because he’s designed for dental hygiene. 

Made from soft faux suede and lambswool with rope legs, this paw-some product is great for flossing and cleaning teeth. 

And it’s even got a nifty squeaker inside, for EXTRA fun.

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Petstages Durable Stick Dog Toy $18.99

Petstages durable stick dental dog toy

Is it a twig? Is it a stick? No, it’s a dental chew toy! While it may look like the real thing and is even made with real wood, this chew toy is fortified with dog-safe synthetic material.

It’ll run its course, as it’s long-lasting and the bark-look grooves keep teeth clean, whilst massaging gums and removing nasties from your pet’s mouth.

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Nylabone Variety Puppy Twin Pack Dental Dog Toys: $13.99

Nylabone variety pack of twin puppy dental toys

Get your puppy’s chops around these sturdy bone chews, which clean teeth and freshen breath. The best bit? It stops them chewing your shoes, by distracting them with a challenge of a chew, made from strong and durable nylon.

Not only that, but it’s tasty too with a savoury beef broth and vegetable flavour. You might even find yourself wanting to chew it! 

Better leave that to the puppies though.

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Sporn Marrow Wishbone Dental Dog Toy:  $23.99

Sporn marrow wishbone dental dog toy in white

Close your eyes and make a wish for good breath and healthy teeth, with this durable dental wishbone! It’s gonna last super long, as it’s made with durable nylon which also acts to scrub away tartar to help prevent doggy dental disease. The tasty jerky flavour will have your dog’s attention from the get-go!

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ProCare Dumbbell Dental Dog Toy: $49.99

Purina procare dental dumbell dental dog toys

Well now, what is this? A puzzle and a dental product in one? You betcha. The idea is that your pet has to work out how to get the treat out of this puzzle (psst the answer is that it needs to be twisted). And while all that excitement is going on, the clever dental bumps help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean!

The puzzle is made from durable Thermoplastic Rubber and will keep your dog entertained for hours.

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Nylabone Power Chew Hoof Alternative Bacon Dental Dog Toys: $21.99

Nylabone power chew hoof bacon flavoured dental dog toys

Got a power chewer in the fam? 

Hand them this tasty bacon hoof, which will really set the challenge. Made from sturdy nylon, with a tasty beef flavouring added to the mix, Nylabones will keep ‘em entertained for hours and help to clean the teeth and freshen the breath to reduce the risk of periodontal disease

Win, win, if you ask us!

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Chow Chow brown dog close up portrait.

JK Growling

JK Growling likes the finger things in life (except wizards, don’t get her started). She only eats the bougie treats, loves showing off her tricks to the humans to get her bougie treats. 

She has one human: Delores, who she has wrapped around her little paw.

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