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A quick guide to cat grooming

Published on 1 Jul 2021

Ginger cat is being groomed and enjoying.

Brushing, trimming the nails, cleaning the nail bed, and bathing all dust and grime off your cat keeps your fur baby looking fresh and helps them to maintain good hygiene.

In this article, we’ll hook you up with all the tips and tricks you need to make your cat look like a rockstar.

Cat grooming may be as simple as bathing and drying off your cat’s coat. Coupled with a bi-monthly appointment for coat-trimming and nails and you’re good to go! Let’s dig in!

How to Brush Your Cat?

Every cat is different and varies in nature. Some take to brushing quite naturally while others may require some training and added incentives. For instance, you could lure them in using their favourite toy or treats!

Bonus tip: Start off as early as possible so you can make your cat comfortable and used-to the idea. If you’ve recently become a cat parent, you could also consult with the vet to build profound insight on your cat’s breed.

Plus, we always suggest using a soft bristled brush since it helps with the maintenance of their coat and is kinder to your cat’s sensitive joints. We have put together a few tips below to help your brush your cat well.

Short Haired Cats:

  • For starters, observe the direction of the hair and brush parallel to the coat with a fine-toothed comb.
  • You will also want to prevent the build-up of mats and loose hair. Therefore, consider brushing against the direction of the cat's coat too once in a while.
  • Although short-haired breeds should be brushed only once a week, you can get rid of dirt and prevent infestation by brushing your cat regularly. Plus, if you can combine regular brushing with regular flea and tick treatments, it’ll help you even more and prevent flea and tick infestations before they take root. 

Long Haired Cats:

  • Observe the direction of the hair, brush parallel to the coat with a metal comb. To remove loose hair, use a slicker brush. We recommend the JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush if your cat has sensitive skin and a two-sided brush for more sensitive areas.
  • Brush regularly and consistently to remove dead skin, matted hair, and debris. Use a wide-toothed comb to check for fleas.

Why Is Brushing Your Cat Important?

Cats are self-groomers and although it is natural for a cat to indulge in self-grooming, the excess of it can lead to hairballs and that’s not healthy at all! With consistent brushing, the hairballs, mats, and shedding of hair can be prevented and that’s exactly why brushing your cat is important. A stroke down your fur baby’s coat also helps spread their natural oils evenly, promoting healthy hair growth in the long run. 

Domestic Russian blue cat bathing under the shower

How to Bathe Your Cat?

Cats are known to be averse to water but you can definitely come up with a nice bathing regime to make the experience somewhat pleasant. 

To reduce anxiety, try using a damp sponge with warm water to wet their coat. Instead of running a bath, use wipes, especially on kittens.

Also, always remember to use a cat-specific shampoo, such as the Petway Petcare Cat Shampoo, to remove odour, prevent buildup, and keep a healthy coat. Go for hypoallergenic wipes if your cat has highly sensitive skin!

Do You Need To Regularly Bathe Your Cat?

Cats saliva tends to cause sensitivities in humans but there's good news! Regular baths help get rid of any dead skin and salivary remnants. Kittens are highly susceptible to viruses. Therefore, it’s important that you thoroughly wipe down your kitten’s coat to prevent fleas, ticks, matted coat, and buildup of grime and knots.

If your cat is older or poses extreme anxiety towards water, bathe or sponge her/him down as consistently as possible. Regularly bathing your cats is also essential in helping them get rid of any debris they accumulated. 

Vet trimming nails of the cat

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails? 

Who doesn’t like being spruced up and cared for? Well, the simple answer is ‘cats’. But what if we looped you in on a hack to delightfully trim your cat’s nails?

  1. Place your cat on your lap and gently press on their toe pad to observe the nail length.
  2. Trim only the tip and avoid the pink part as much as possible. It is highly sensitive, contains all the necessary nerves, and may bleed if accidentally cut.
  3. Use a sturdy cat nail clipper for best results!

When your fur baby is young, play around with their paws and claws gently to help them adapt to your touch. For adult cats, ensure they are comfortable and remember to use sturdy/effective clippers so as to avoid making them uncomfortable.

Is It Necessary To Trim A Cat's Claws? 

Have you ever noticed your cat scratching hard surfaces? Well, they do so since it helps them wear off the top, dead layer of their nails. And as a result, this practice becomes a part of their daily self-maintenance. If your cat tends to do this often, she/he will probably have sharp claws and you will have to trim his/her claws to prevent them from damaging your furniture. 

If your kitten loves to run around and play, start training them early and get them used to a trim-routine - you’ll thank us later. 

Cat grooming plays an essential role in prevention of diseases by removing hairballs, repelling fleas, ticks, preventing odour, maintaining your cat's balance, and more. As a new cat parent, the idea of brushing and bathing your cat can make you nervous - we get it. But it won’t be long before you’ll be snuggling with your cat on the living room couch and making those cute videos for the gram. Adjustment may take a little time but it is definitely worth all the strain in the long run.

Who does not love a good spa day in the arvo now and again? Sooner or later, your cat will agree as well.

Cat grooming products

Scottish fold grey cat in green grass

Big Papa

Big Papa is a real chill kinda cat. He spends his days people watching from the window, batting a few dust particles with his paw and getting some all-important z’s. Big Papa knows what’s up in life and is living his best 9 lives. 

He has two humans: Mike and Tony. He wishes they fed him more. He’s a seven meals a day kinda feline.

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