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The top 10 cat breeds of 2021

Published on 1 Jun 2021

Top 10 Cat Breed

PetSure Australia, Australia’s largest pet insurance administrator has shared which cat breeds have been most popular in 2021. 

These are the top ten kitties that Australians have decided to bring into their families over the year. 

Check out the links in each breed to find out about each cat including common health concerns and grooming tips. 

Is your feline friend on the list?

10.  Persian

Elegant and unquestionably beautiful the Persian just makes it in at number 10. With long, silky soft fur, and a relaxed personality, the Persian is a popular lap cat. 

Read more about the Persian

Persian Cat 3.jpg

9.  Russian Blue

They may be less outgoing than other breeds of cat, but this hasn’t stopped the Russian Blue from being one of Australia’s most popular breeds.  

Discover the Russian Blue

Russian Blue Cat sitting and posing for portrait.

8. Bengal 

The wild looking Bengal is a friendly and outgoing feline that suit families. 

Meet the Bengal

Bengal Cat cleaning his paws

7. Scottish fold

With their uniquely folded ears and laid-back nature, Scottish folds are known to get along well with both people and other pets.

Explore the Scottish fold

Scottish fold grey cat in green grass

6. Sphynx

A genetic mutation gave us the hairless Sphynx and apparently, we like it!

Discover the Sphynx

Playful Sphynx cat looks into the camera and hunts.

5. Maine Coon

Their large size and apparent affinity for water are just two unique features of the Maine Coon cat. 

Read more about the Maine Coon

Maine coon cat in garden

4. Burmese

Famously affectionate, the Burmese deservedly makes it into the top 5. 

Discover the Burmese

Black Burmese Cat showing tongue portrait

3. British Shorthair

Jolly good! The British shorthair at number 3 is a cat who loves people and we love them back. 

Explore the British Shorthair

British shorthair cat stalking

2. Ragdoll 

Relaxed, affectionate and gorgeous, the Ragdoll is the full feline package. 

Read more about Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat playing with a toy mouse

1. Domestic Shorthair

Simply the best! The domestic shorthair, moggie or house cat refers to shorthaired cats of mixed ancestry. So much of their charm is in their individual personalities and looks.

Meet the Domestic Shorthair

domestic Shorthair cat lying in a basket

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Kylie Mitchell

Kylie Mitchell


Kylie Mitchell is a veterinarian with over 17 years experience in animal health and welfare, including in the veterinary and pet insurance industries

She has three rescue cats (Noah, Bei Bei and Meeka), four very old cockatiels and a pond-full of fish.

Kylie Mitchell's Pets

  • MeekaMeeka
  • Bei BeiBei Bei
  • NoahNoah

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