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Advance Dog Food


With scrumptious wet and dry formulas that support optimal growth and development and suit all dog and puppy breeds, Advance is an excellent choice for your beloved pooch. Explore the Advance range at Pet Culture now.

What Makes Advance Dog Food So Doggone Special?

This premium selection of Advance dog food has been carefully developed in partnership with Waltham, a world leading authority on petcare and nutrition, and manufactured here in Australia by another world leading brand: Mars Petcare.

This combination of expertise and excellence helps Advance provide superior, scientifically-proven nutritional qualities that can aid your doggo’s digestion, brain development, hydration, skin and coat health and much more.

Advance Dog Food Caters to All Dog Breeds & Ages

Whether you’re establishing a healthy diet for your young pup, searching for dog food to deal with certain health issues or stocking up on a general all-rounder dog food to get your dog’s tail wagging, Advance’s complete, balanced recipes and tremendous tailored options for different breeds and ages are the answer.

Even better, Advance dog food comes in a delicious range of flavours like turkey, chicken, lamb or seafood. Browse tasty, healthy Advance dog food at PetCulture, along with our wide selection of dog health products and dog vitamins and supplements online now.