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Advance Pet Food


Advance pet food comes in delicious wet and dry formulas for dogs and cats. An excellent choice for your cherished pet, Advance dog food and cat food contain nutritionally balanced formulas made for your beloved. Explore Advance pet food now.

What We Love About Advance Pet Food

Advance pet food is carefully developed with the health of your pet in mind. Each formula is packed with nutrition to support your pet’s digestion, brain development, skin and coat health, hydration, and more.

Whether you’re supporting the growth and development of your young puppy or kitten, or you’re establishing a balanced, healthy diet for your growing four-legged friend, Advance has tailored options for different breeds and ages.


Add Variety to Their Diet with Advance Cat & Dog Formulas

Made right here in Australia with pioneering research and quality ingredients, Advance won’t disappoint even the fussiest of furballs.

For pooches, choose from mouth-watering dry and wet dog food like turkey, lamb, seafood, or chicken. Meanwhile, cats will salivate over meaty wet food flavours, such as tuna, salmon, chicken and turkey.

There is even a selection of food options to treat specific health concerns, such as weight management and dental care. All in flavours that will keep your cat or dog happy and healthy.

PetCulture is all about boosting the health and wellbeing of your beloved companion. Browse tasty, healthy Advance pet food at PetCulture to enjoy our affordable prices today.