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Air Dried & Freeze Dried Dog Food


Support your dog’s health inside and out with natural air-dried and freeze-dried dog food. By freeze or air drying these formulas, these nutritious meals lock in the flavour and nutrition, giving your dog the delicious and healthy diet they deserve. 

A Natural Source of Protein That Locks in the Nutrition

Air-dried and freeze-dried dog food is packed with protein and contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. 

Freeze-dried meals, like the New Zealand Naturals Woof freeze-dried packs, can be served as dry dog food or rehydrated for a chewier and meatier texture. Just add some water and stir. Freeze-dried dog food can be used as a full meal, a meal mixer or topper, or a tasty snack throughout the day. 

No flavour is lost in the process. In fact, the process of freeze-drying and gently air-drying the recipes maximises palatability to tantalise the taste buds while delivering your dog’s nutritional needs. Your dog will be so overwhelmed with flavour, they’ll wolf it all down in a snap.