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Get your dog into Blackdog treats and say goodbye to any behaviour problems. Blackdog dog food contains tasty morsels of real meat, a tantalising, healthy and natural dog treat for training or entertainment. Browse Blackdog treats now.

Healthy and Natural Treats for Obedient Dogs

Reward your dog with tantalising Blackdog treats boasting all-natural meaty flavours they won’t be able to resist. From chicken, beef and roo jerky sticks to carob and yoghurt drops, these dog treats make a satisfying and natural reward for your pal.

Coax them into good behaviour with mouthwatering beef liver and pig ears (or cow ears as a low-fat alternative). These long-lasting slow-dried meats prove the perfect chew time toy.

Have a heavy chomper? Keep your pup occupied throughout the day with the ultimate chew challenge: Bully Sticks, long-lasting bites made of 100% beef. While they’re happily munching, these sticks will help promote good oral health and prevent dog dental disease.

Spoil Your Feline Friends with Cat Treats from Blackcat

Cats love a tasty treat just as much as dogs. There’s plenty to delight your feline friend with the purrfect range of Blackcat cat treats.

Break up their diet (and their day) with Delites, a palatable snack chopped into convenient cat-friendly slices. Available in such scrumptious flavours as chicken, beef liver, fish, lamb, and kangaroo, they’ll be purring for more.

Give your pet only the best with Blackdog treats. Find your four-legged friend’s new favourite treats here at PetCulture, along with fun toys for dogs and cats, and get free standing shipping options today.