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Bravecto Pet Products


Keep your furry family members safe from ticks, fleas, ear mites, heartworms, intestinal worms and other pesky parasites with these effective oral and spot on treatments for dogs and cats from Bravecto.

Bravecto Protects Your Pets from Fleas, Ticks & Other Parasites

Striving to protect the health and wellbeing of all pets, Bravecto has led the way in animal health for over 60 years, developing vaccines that protect pets from dangerous diseases, medicines to treat chronic diseases and effective parasite controls.

As part of our extensive range of flea, tick and worming treatments, you'll find effective, single application Bravecto treatments for cats and dogs, no matter their breeds, ages and sizes.

A Few Regular Doses Will Protect Your Pet Year Round

Known for their long lasting properties, Bravecto oral chews protect your doggo for 3 months against fleas and paralysis ticks, while each dose of Bravecto spot-on protects your dog against fleas and paralysis ticks for 6 months. For cats, the spot-on treatment lasts 3 months.

Bravecto oral chews are designed to be tasty and fast-acting too; once ingested, fleas and paralysis ticks will be controlled within 24 hours. If you have a growing pup, choosing chews will ensure they do not outgrow their dose between treatments.

Find some of Australia’s most popular dog health products and dog vitamins and minerals here at PetCulture, where all creatures great and small are celebrated. Or simply shop Bravecto pet products now.