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Cat Housing & Carriers


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    Although your cat may never exactly love its cat carrier, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide it with one that’s safe, secure and as comfortable as possible. Browse our latest line in cat carriers, and cat houses right here at Pet Culture.

    How to Pick the Best Cat Carrier for Your Favourite Feline

    Whether it’s time for a check up at the dreaded vet or you’re about to embark on an exciting trip, securing your cat in one of these premium quality, sturdy and easy to use cat carriers will help keep them safe and comfy during transport.

    A common mistake is to assume that your cat will feel safe in a big cat carrier. In truth, this may lead them to slide around and not feel comfortable. On the other hand, a small cat carrier can cause your cat to panic. The best dimensions enable your cat to have enough room to stand up and turn in a circle.

    Also, it helps massively if you familiarise your cat with its cat carrier before using it. You can do this by encouraging them to eat, play and sleep in the carrier, which helps them associate it positively.

    Explore Cat Houses & Cat Carriers at Pet Culture

    A cat house can be a fun, safe place for your cat to both play and relax. Outdoors, cat houses can also protect your cat from the elements while giving them a place to hide from predators. Indoors, a good cat tree can be multifunctional, serving as a cat bed, scratching post and cat house all at once.

    At PetCulture, we’re a quirky bunch of animal lovers that celebrate all creatures great and small. If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff members. Or shop our amazing cat houses and cat carriers online now.