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Cat Technology


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    Cat Technology

    As technology has advanced, so too has cat technology. And it’s hard not to love these useful, high-tech cat gadgets, from GPS cat collars to interactive toys that do all the work through to microchip cat doors. Browse the range now.

    What Cat Gadgets are Best for You?

    If you enjoy indulging your cat, you'll love our collection of interactive cat toys that utilise technology to mimic bird call or the behaviour of a cat’s prey. They are sure to keep your kitty endlessly entertained while you’re out and about, and promote great physical and mental exercise.

    Microchips are a modern technology, which are being used in a number of ways. One is to provide added security to cat doors that only open to specific microchips. They’re also used to operate certain feeding mechanisms too.

    Keeping Track of Your Cat Has Never Been Easier

    Keep your cat healthy, active and safe with one of the newest cat technology gadgets, a pioneering GPS cat collar tracker that allows you to keep tabs on your cat from anywhere, even halfway across the world.

    Another great investment is a pet camera. Constantly innovating, these cameras are armed with a host of features, including zoom, night vision, the ability to talk to your cat, smart alerts and much more.

    Discover incredible cat gadgets and the latest cat technology products in Australia at PetCulture, where our aim is to do everything we can to improve the lives and wellbeing of your beloved pets. Shop our cat gadgets online now.