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Cat Dental Treats


Cat Dental Treats

Since plaque and tartar are known to build up quickly in cats, cat dental treats are a valuable solution for your fluffy companion’s dental hygiene and regular oral care routine. Browse our range of irresistible dental treats now.

Why Cat Dental Treats are so Beneficial to Your Feline

In the wild, the feathers and fur from a cat’s prey historically acted as a natural toothbrush. However, since domesticated cats do not have this luxury, it’s important to provide an alternative that keeps their teeth in the best possible nick. Especially as dental problems are known to affect many adult cats.

Along with regular brushing and visiting your vet for dental checkups, these cat dental treats are a tasty and effective way to deliver essential oral care benefits. They work by providing a more porous texture than traditional treats, surrounding all sides of the tooth for a clean that is scientifically tested to reduce tartar build-up.

Our Dental Treats Combine Innovative Science with Delicious Taste

These specially formulated textures are combined with curated recipes to ensure your cat loves every tooth-scrubbing bite, including premium salmon, roast chicken and tempting tuna.

Feed these nutritionally complete, balanced treats to your cat daily give your cat the gift of clean teeth, fresh breath, and delicious flavour. And choose between some of the most popular cat food brands, such as Greenies and Dentalife.

Our mission at PetCulture is to help pets and their parents get the most out of their time together. Discover our range of healthy cat treats and cat food. Or simply shop our wonderfully healthy and tasty dental cat treats now.