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Cat Food


Keep your feline best friend happy and healthy with the right cat food for their needs. Our range of premium wet and dry cat food is naturally nutritious to ensure your furball is well fed and purring all day long. Browse our cat food range now. 

Find the Right Cat Food for Your Cat’s Lifestyle and Needs

The cat food we stock is packed with complete and balanced nutrition, including omega fatty acids and vitamins D and E to ensure a shiny coat and perfect health.

Since indoor cats have lower energy requirements than outdoor cats, there is a range of cat food formulated with a lower calorie content to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. 

Growing kittens especially have specific needs to cater to their rapid growth in the early stages of their life. Kitten food contains just the right mix of antioxidants to support immune system development, along with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and high energy content.

Support Digestive Health with Nutritional and Fibrous Cat Food

A healthy cat is a happy cat—and makes a happy owner. The best cat food contains highly digestible proteins and fibres to support digestive health and mercifully reduce stool odour.

Fibre also helps ease the passage of hair through the digestive system, promoting natural and easy elimination. 

Tantalise those feline tastebuds with delicious fishy and meaty flavours packed with the nutrients your cat needs. These kitty meals have a focus on taste to suit even the fussiest of furballs.

Browse nutritional wet cat food and dry food online today to get free delivery options.