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Dog Accessories


Our range of dog accessories are simple yet stunning. Dog toys, harnesses, collars and bowls we have something for every doggo.

With our quick and easy online orders you can spoil your dog or dogs with new toys, bed clothing and everything in between.

Your beloved canine companion deserves dog accessories as bold and playful as they are. PetCulture stocks a huge range of colourful, stimulating dog toys and accessories for dogs of every age, size, and breed. Browse dog collars and harnesses, apparel, bedding, and more now. 

Stimulating Dog Toys and Accessories to Brighten Your Life

What does your dog love more than spending time with you? Absolutely nothing. Every moment with you is the highlight of your dog’s life. And now you can celebrate that joy with joyful dog accessories like harnesses and toys. 

We have a range of interactive dog toys — including frisbees, rubber balls, and plush toys — that are great for games between owner and dog, like fetch and tug of war. These bright and colourful toys are also perfect for solo play when your dog needs to be left alone.

Every pup loves walk time but we can brighten those strolls with fun-loving, durable, and playful dog leashes, collars, and harnesses from brands like FuzzYard and Gummi. Even dog poo bag holders and refills make the worst part of walk time a little more enjoyable. 

High-Quality Dogs Accessories Made to Last

At PetCulture, we know how much dogs can get carried away. Your pooch deserves the best so we stock durable dog bedding, apparel, and toys that are made for exuberant pups. 

PetCulture is all about promoting pet lifestyles that are full of fun. Shop our range of dog toys, dog training accessories, and other products online today to get free delivery options and 30-day returns.