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Dog Leashes, Collars & Harnesses


Make walking your dog even more enjoyable with our stunning collection of dog leashes, dog collars, dog leads and dog harnesses. You’ll love our unique, well designed, durable selection, which are available in a host of colours, textures, styles and materials.

Get the Right Dog Collars and Dog Leads at Pet Culture

From beagles to bulldogs, staffy’s to labradors, every dog deserves a high quality dog lead that allows them to explore their surroundings in safety and comfort. Simply choose your preferred length, material and colour from our fabulous, diverse range.

With thinner collars for smaller breeds, thicker collars for larger ones, and everything in between, it’s never been easier to get a top quality and stylish collar that represents your pup’s personality and helps provide peace of mind in the unfortunate instance that they get lost or escape.

Our Dog Harnesses are Barking Clever

Our popular dog harnesses fit like a glove around your dog’s chest, more evenly applying pressure across their chest and back, as opposed to solely on their neck when using your dog lead. This makes them a must-have for particular breeds like bulldogs and pugs that struggle with breathing. They can also be a great tool for training your dog to walk at a steady pace.

Pet Culture has all your dog accessories sorted, including the latest dog technology and dog supplements. We celebrate all creatures great and small, and aim to improve the wellbeing of all pets, big or small. If you have any questions, get in touch and our staff will gladly assist you. Or shop our dog leads, collars and harnesses now.