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Dog Toys


Playful pooches need playful toys. Fortunately, PetCulture stocks a wide variety of colourful, stimulating toys for dogs of every size, breed, and age. Browse our dog toys to find an exciting new plush toy, ball, or chew toy to entertain your pup now.

Plush Pooch Toys, Dental Chew Toys, Balls, Frisbees & More

They’re called man’s best friend for a reason. Your pet will love nothing more than a play session with you. That’s what our interactive dog toys are for. Rubber balls and frisbees serve as chew toys for solo play but are also great for games of fetch and tug of war.

Out for a while? Keep your four-legged friend entertained for hours with a treat dispenser. These interactive toys stimulate your dog’s body and mind, challenging them to learn and release the dry dog food within to fill their tums.

Of course, for smaller and gentler pups, you won’t be able to resist the cheeky range of dog plush toys we have for you. Containing hidden squeakers to delight your dog and brighten their day, these plush toys will become fast friends with your pooch.

Stimulating Dog Toys Designed to Last

Does your dog have a habit of destroying plush toys? Try an indestructible chew toy instead. We have nylon and rubber chew toys that will hold up against aggressive play. Dental dog toys with nylon shavings that help to remove tartar, a great dog accessory that serves as both play and dog health product.

PetCulture is all about promoting pet stimulation, fun, and wellbeing. Shop our range of dog toys, dog training accessories, and other products online today.

Fuzzyard products aren’t just designed to please your furry friend. FuzzYard has a range of products that will make even picking up poop a tolerable task. From pleasantly scented poop bags to harnesses, collars, and leashes, FuzzYard’s range boasts the highest aesthetic appeal.

FuzzYard is a Proudly Australian Pet Brand

Since 2003, FuzzYard has become an industry leader known for designing fresh pet products that stand out - exactly what your furry best friend truly deserves. With an eye for original, one-of-a-kind designs.

Be the coolest (dog) parent on the block with FuzzYard. From dog apparel to dog treats, PetCulture is your one stop shop for all things pooch-friendly. Shop online today to get free standard shipping options and easy 30-day returns.