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Dog Treats


Featuring delicious flavours bound to tantalise your pooch’s taste buds, these dog treats are perfect for training and entertaining. With a selection of training treats, dental sticks, bites, and bones, your dog will be spoilt for choice. 

Healthy and Natural Dog Treats for Good Boys and Girls

Browse our selection of natural and healthy dog treats containing all-natural ingredients and free from additives, preservatives, or chemicals. The perfect way to spoil pups while keeping their health paramount. 

These treats are made with real meat and are enriched with vitamins and minerals, such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support the skin and coat. All in scintillating flavours they won’t be able to resist. 

All-natural liver treats are particularly popular among dogs of all ages and sizes. Gently sliced and slow-dried to lock in the flavour and nutrition, these liver treats deliver a satisfying crunch and are packed with protein. 

Raise a Healthy and Happy Dog with Dental Dog Treats

Look after your doggo’s prized biters with dental treats from leading pet brands. These treats are specially grooved to scrub the teeth and gums. 

They’re also enriched with minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin C and zinc to reduce plaque and tartar build-up and support healthy gums. The best part? They’re so delicious, dogs are unaware you have an ulterior motive. 

At PetCulture, nothing gives us great pleasure than ensuring your dog is happy and healthy with a nutritionally balanced diet and plenty of scrumptious snacks.  Shop our dog treats now.