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Make worming easy by feeding your cat or dog a deliciously meaty worming tablet they'll scoff in seconds. Endogard worming treatments protect your pet from mixed worm infestations and prevent severe infection. Browse the Endogard range now.

Is Endogard the Worming Treatment Your Pet Needs?

Worm infestations are insidious. Hidden from sight, they can have a huge impact on your pet’s health. But there’s an easy solution to protect them from these parasitic nasties.

Endogard tablets contain praziquantel and oxibendazole to control tapeworm, hookworm, whipworm, and other intestinal worms. It does not prevent heartworm infections. These bite-sized tablets ensure comprehensive parasite control and prevent severe infection.

Endogard morsel promises a palatable meaty flavour your pet will love. It won’t be hard to feed the tablet directly to your four-legged friend thanks to the tasty liver flavours, but it can also be broken up and mixed into their feed for fussier furballs.

Worming Treatments for Cats & Dogs of All Sizes

Endogard comes in 4 convenient weight ranges to make sure you give the correct dose to your pet, whether it’s a puppy or kitten, or an adult toy poodle or Great Dane.

Rest assured you’re protecting your closest companion against unpleasant and sometimes dangerous parasites with an easy worming treatment. Browse our range of Endogard worming treatments for cats and dogs or speak to a vet at PetCulture so you know you’re getting the treatment your furry friend deserves.