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Fido's Pet Care Products


From coat sprays to flea shampoos, conditioners to special puppy and kitten shampoos, it’s time to pamper your best friend with this extensive collection of cruelty-free, veterinarian formulated, Australian-made Fido’s pet care products.

Why Choose Fido’s Pet Care Products

Australian, family owned brand Fido’s has been creating amazing animal grooming and health products for pets and pet lovers globally since their humble origins in the back of a Queensland shed in 1970.

Today, Fido’s focuses on minimising their impact on the environment with biodegradable products and recyclable packaging, as well as strict standards of quality and safety. Their pet care products are made in a medical-grade, world-class facility with your pet’s health in mind.

Discover Fido’s Latest Pet Care Products Here

Fido's Fresh Coat Spray is a popular non-greasy, pleasant-smelling coat conditioner and deodorant, a dog and cat grooming essential. Using a special blend of lanolin and silicone, it encourages a natural sheen and lustre on your pet's coat while also reducing tangles and eliminating odours.

Fido’s Everyday Shampoo is a pH balanced, humectant and emollient shampoo that leaves your pet looking, smelling and feeling good without drying their precious skin. The wash lasts minutes. The fragrance lasts days.

Fido’s also stocks Pernaease powder, a daily dog health supplement to alleviate arthritis, powerful rinse concentrates that controls fleas and ticks, and much more. Shop the collection at PetCulture now, and enjoy our affordable prices and simple checkout system.