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Heartgard Pet Products

Not only does Heartgard prevent the potentially fatal heartworm disease for dogs 6 weeks of age and older, it also treats and controls hookworms and roundworms too. Protect your canine friend from danger with Heartgard Plus now.

Prevent Heartworm Disease & More with Heartgard

Since a mere bite from an infected mosquito can transmit this potentially deadly disease to your dog, it’s so crucial you apply heartworm protection treatment to your furry companions regularly.

The good news is that Heartgard Plus contains ivermectin and pyrantel, two potent active ingredients that prevent the invisible threat of heartworm disease, as well as treating and controlling five species of intestinal worms.

Why Choose Heartgard Plus for Your Pooch? 

With more than 2 billion doses prescribed, it’s no wonder Heartgard Plus is the #1 choice of vets for both their patients and their own dogs. Another great benefit is the real-beef taste that dogs love, making monthly dosing easy and delicious.

Heartgard Plus is suitable for all dog breeds and can be given to puppies from as early as 6 weeks. Simply select from their specific varieties tailored to your doggo’s size and weight and apply it once a month to protect them for life.

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