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Hill's Science Diet Dog Food


Hill’s Science Diet develops their incredible dog food formulas using decades of research and development from top vets and scientists, helping dogs lead long, healthy lives. Browse our wide range at Pet Culture now.

Consider Hill’s Science Diet for Optimal Nutrition

It’s no wonder Hill’s Science Diet considers knowledge to be their first ingredient. Since 1939, Hill’s has used eminent science to understand what nutrition dogs need to live a long and healthy life.

The quality dog food formulas in this selection have been developed with the expertise of over 220 vets, scientists and pet nutritionists. The result is precisely balanced dog food with clinically proven ingredients that foster optimal growth and development in your furry friend.

What Sets Hill’s Science Diet Apart

Hill’s Science Diet understands that pets have different biological needs at different life stages. That’s why they tailor their scientifically-developed foods with ingredients that support your dog where and when they need it most.

Choose the right food for your dog’s life stage and you’ll get a synergistic blend of ingredients that help support energy and activity levels, like omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E for mobility and joint health, and a balanced set of minerals to support a healthy heart and kidneys.

Many veterinarians recommend Hill’s Science Diet dog food for its natural, high quality ingredients. Discover your dog’s favourite flavour right here at PetCulture, along with a great range of dog bowls and dog leashes and harnesses.