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Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Got a poor little pooch who is sensitive to certain foods? These hypoallergenic dog food options provide wet and dry dog food without any nasty irritants. Packed with taste and all the nutritional support they need, these hypoallergenic treats will ensure you have a happy and healthy pooch in your home.

Special Formulas to Lower Dog Food Allergies

Created for every doggo that suffers food-related allergies, our range of hypoallergenic dog food is designed to minimise upsets and reactions. 

You can rest assured that these hypoallergenic wet dog food and dry dog food options are safe for your furball. They contain a special formula with hydrolysed protein with a low molecular weight to avoid irritations and lower the risk of food allergies. 

Hypoallergenic Dog Food That Still Covers the Nutritional Bases 

These delicious treats don't just reduce reactions to food, they also make sure your dog gets a balanced diet with all the nutrition they need to thrive.

These vet-approved formulas contain EPA, DHA, and fatty acids for healthy skin, as well as a balanced intestinal flora to promote a healthy digestive system. 

Is your dog dealing with sensitivities and you can’t pinpoint the source? Arrange a consultation with a vet via VetChat to seek more advice or guidance. 

Ready to get your four-legged friend back on track with the right diet? Choose from the recommended brands in this PetCulture range of hypoallergenic dog food and shop online to access free delivery options.