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Ivory Coat Dog Food


Ivory Coat dry dog food is packed with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients designed to offer excellent health benefits for your dog. Your dog’s bowl will be filled with everything they need to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal.

A Bowl of Nutritious Value with Ivory Coat Dog Food

Ivory Coat dog food combines a careful balance of protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to keep your pooch in the best health.

From lamb and kangaroo to ocean fish dried food, every nutritious bag of Ivory Coat is created with only the best, natural ingredients for your canine friend. That means no wheat, corn, rice or soy, no fillers, and artificial colours or flavours.

Ivory Coat has dedicated dry dog food for puppies and for adults to serve your pet through every life stage, with each pack of dry food targeting everything from digestion and muscle development to coat health.

Ivory Coat Dry Food is Proudly Australian Made

Start with Ivory Coat grain-free puppy food to feed your furbaby important essential fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin. Protein helps with muscle development while natural prebiotic content aids intestinal health and promotes normal digestive function.

Adult grain-free dry food is designed for all breeds, from bulldogs to border collies, with specialised formulas designed to promote such health issues as digestion, skin health, and weight management.

Rest easy knowing you’ve provided the best for your pooch with Ivory Coat. Find your dog’s new favourite here at PetCulture and get free standard shipping options and easy 30-day returns.