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Natural Cat Litter


Natural Cat Litter

Natural cat litter is made from plant based products like corn, wheat and pine. Being all natural, many of these are biodegradable and ultra absorbent, making them both effective at controlling odours and better for the environment. Browse our wide range now.

What Are Natural Cat Litters Made From?

Natural cat litter is made from corn, wheat, paper, pine and other naturally derived ingredients. This type of natural paper litter or grain litter is often made with sustainable resources and is beloved by cat lovers the world over because of its absorbent, long lasting and biodegradable properties.

Our wide selection of natural cat litter is also great for odour control, which is not only a big bonus for your nostrils, but also your feline friends. After all, cats have a very sensitive sense of smell and are much more likely to enjoy using the litter tray if it smells nice and is kept in a clean manner.

Discover a Natural Cat Litter to Suit Your Needs at PetCulture

Even within the world of natural cat litter, there are plenty of options available to you. Some are flushable, making them a fantastic, convenient choice that is also great for the environment compared to conventional litters. Natural paper litters and the like are also great for allergy sufferers, as they generally produce less dust.

At PetCulture, our mission is to help pets and their parents get the most out of their time together. For more fantastic kitty litter options, be sure to check out our comprehensive range of recycled cat litters and clumping litters. Or shop natural cat litter online now.