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Made with real meat and nutritional ingredients, Optimum provides cat and dog food packed with nutrition to keep your four-legged companion healthy. Meanwhile, meaty flavours like chicken, lamb, and fish will keep them happy. Browse Optimum wet and dry food now.

Expertly Tailored Nutrition for Cats & Dogs

The Optimum range of wet and dry pet food is developed by nutritionists and vets to ensure your furball gets a full range of functional health benefits. This delicious range of pet food even has the tick of approval from vet Dr Chris Brown.

Packs of dry dog food and cat food are formulated with whole grains and vegetables to provide natural sources of fibre that control intestinal transition and maximise nutrient absorption. Every dish includes high-quality protein sources, such as fish, chicken, lamb, beef, or kangaroo.

Optimum Dry & Wet Pet Food for Dogs & Cats of All Ages

Understanding that your furballs have different needs as they grow, Optimum has food to target every stage to ensure their healthy development.

Whether your dearest companion is young or simply young at heart, Optimum will keep their tums satisfied and their bodies in tip-top shape. Wet and dry food options are available for both kittens and mature cats, as well as puppies and small and large breed adult dogs.

At PetCulture, we’re passionate about keeping your pets at their peak. Shop canned wet food and bagged dry food for cats and dogs online today to get free shipping options.