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Rufus & Coco


Rufus & Coco is here to ensure your pet lives a truly pampered existence. With a range of quality pet care products, including sanitary needs and first aid care, Rufus & Coco will ensure your four-legged friend will be well looked after. 

Rufus & Coco Sanitary Products for Cats and Dogs

If anything will make your pet ownership toilet duties a little more pleasurable, it’ll be Rufus & Coco’s range of cat litter, poop scoops, and more. 

Reduce your dog’s environmental paw print with Rufus & Coco biodegradable poo bags made from corn starch. Tough and sturdy, they’ll break down completely within 12 months of use. Plus they’re available in a stylish gold holder with a convenient lead clip for hands-free carrying. 

There’s plenty for your cat’s toilet needs too, including kitty litter, poop scoops, and litter tray liners. Don’t forget Rufus & Coco Litter Tray Mate, a cleaning spray containing naturally-derived enzymes and a fresh apple scent to help eradicate nasty smells and stains. 

Well-Bred Pet Care Products for Your Four-Legged Friends

Founded in 2008, Rufus & Coco has committed to providing well-bred pet care products to ensure pets look and feel great. That includes a range of pet care products, including fresh breath spray, cat treats, dog wash, itch relief, soothing antiseptic aid cream, and plenty more. 

Make sure your furry friend is pampered to a tee with Rufus & Coco pet care. Shop our range of pet accessories, including dog grooming products and cat clean up products online today.