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What cat wouldn’t love an interactive toy? The hunting instinct is as natural to cats as sleeping and sitting on computer keyboards. These Scream cat toys encourage your furball to explore their more playful side.

Scream Cat Toys Are Perfect for Indoor Cats

Scream cat toys feature fun elements like pom poms, jingly balls, and brightly coloured feathers all designed to grab your cat’s attention and inspire them to bring out their natural hunting instincts. 

These interactive cat toys are great boredom busters, giving your cat no excuse to lay about all day. Just one bat of a paw will send these toys rolling and shaking around for your cat to pounce, paw at, and chase. 

Many Scream toys contain catnip to really give your cat something they’ll want to sink their claws into. 

Innovative and Interactive Designs to Keep Cats Entertained

Scream cat toys feature innovative designs and elements that will confound your cat for hours. We’re talking springy pom poms that won’t go away, balls stuck in contraptions that they just can’t catch or release, and plush toys that squeeze when your kitten pounces. 

For the cat who loves to live life to the fullest, you can’t go past Scream cat toys. Your feline family member will be entertained for hours with these puzzling devices. Shop Scream cat toys and other cat accessories online today for free delivery options and hassle-free 30-day returns.