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Sentinel Pet Products


A well regarded leader in pet health solutions, Sentinel Spectrum offers a tastier, more convenient way to keep your pooch free from common parasites like fleas, hookworm, tapeworm and others. Browse our wide selection at PetCulture.

Find Tasty Chewables to Rid Your Doggo of Parasites

Sentinel Spectrum provides your paw-some friend with 3-in-1 protection. It prevents flea infestations and breaks the flea life cycle, protects against intestinal worms and prevents heartworm infection, all in one tasty chewable.

Simply feed your pet one of these Sentinel Spectrum beef and bacon chews every month with a full meal, and let the lufenuron, an active ingredient which prevents flea eggs from successfully hatching, break the flea life cycle and prevent re-infestations.

Sentinel Spectrum Pet Products Provide Effective Protection from Fleas, Worms & More

The great thing about Sentinel Spectrum chews is that they’re suitable for puppies as young as 6 weeks, as well as pregnant dogs. And since they don't contain ivermectin, they can be ideal for pets that aren't suitable for other treatments.

Choose from handy 3, 6 or 12 month packs and formulas specifically derived depending on the weight and size of your dog. And be sure to check out our other dog health and dog flea, tick and worm treatments here too.

PetCulture is an animal loving brand that aims to improve the wellbeing of your pets. Shop our range of Sentinel Spectrum pet treatments now and enjoy free standard shipping options and hassle-free 30 day returns.