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Just one simple monthly chew and your dog will be safe and protected from a range of nasty parasites, including fleas, ear mites, demodex mites, sarcoptic mange, and bush, brown and deadly paralysis ticks. Browse your dog’s weight range now.

Convenient Parasite Protection in One Monthly Simparica Chew

Bid farewell to parasitic nasties with this safe and effective parasite treatment for dogs from Simparica. One monthly Simparica chew keeps your dog free from distressing infestations by killing fleas and ticks in just 4 hours. 

Simparica chews are designed to break the flea cycle and prevent environmental infestation by killing adult fleas before they can lay eggs. 

The Right Parasite Treatment for Your Dog’s Size and Weight

These Simparica chews are an easy way to protect your dog and will have them feeling comfortable in their own skin in no time. 

They come in a variety of doses to suit your pooch’s particular size and weight. And they can be administered to your dog from 8 weeks of age. 

Nothing is more important to us at PetCulture than the ongoing health and safety of your canine companion. Browse flea, tick, and worm treatments for dogs along with other important dog health products, at PetCulture today. Shop online to enjoy free standard shipping options.