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The pet brand for big pullers and chompers, Sporn brings you a range of quality dog harnesses and chew toys that will bring them greater comfort and happiness in their lives. Shop Sporn dog accessories online today at PetCulture.

The Sporn Harness Will Instantly Stop Your Dog Pulling

The days of being a tagalong on walks have come to an end! Sporn harnesses are specifically designed for heavy pullers and are perfect for leash training. 

The Sporn harness has a patented system that “gives” with your dog’s natural movement and makes walk time a more comfortable experience for all. 

With options for dogs of every breed, size, and age, the Sporn harness will fit like a glove. It features a super comfy mesh design and padded sherpa sleeves to prevent chafing under the arms. 

Sporn harnesses are made from braided cord and nylon webbing, with rust-resistant fasteners that are made with nickel-plated steel. As a bonus, it’s reflective for safe nighttime adventures. 

Satiate Heavy Chewers with These Chew Toys

Sporn Marrow Chews are available in a great variety of shapes and sizes with a delicious jerky flavour right down the middle to keep them entertained. These dog toys promise a delicious chew without all the extra calories. 

Sporn’s durable toys are the perfect dog dental treats, featuring nylon shavings and unique textures that scrub away tartar and help reduce the risk of doggy dental disease. 

At PetCulture, we love to supply your precious doggo with the best treats and goodies they can get their paws on. Shop online to get free delivery options and hassle-free 30-day returns.