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Tasty Bone


Your dog will never be bored again with these lip-smacking and durable flavoured dog toys from Tasty Bone. These delicious nylon dog toys feature original designs and knobbly bits that help scrub the teeth and gums. Shop Tasty Bone dental toys now. 

The Doggy Dental Toys That Keeps on Giving!

Tasty Bone chew toys come in the most intriguing shapes to engage your pooch as they gnaw away. The interesting three-pronged and four-pronged designs feature a knobbly texture doggos go crazy for. 

Tasty Bone toys are made of a durable 100% virgin nylon that’s been tested against heavy chewers to ensure maximum durability and is safe to ingest. 

Tasty Bone dog toys feature a range of tantalising flavours no dog can resist, including peanut butter, chicken and thyme, Hoisin duck, and fish n chips. These flavours penetrate right to the core, encouraging healthy chewing without the calories. Plus they’re designed to withstand the lifetime of the toy. 

Tasty Bone Dog Toys Are Good For Doggos

It’s not just for good looks. The unusual shape and knobbly texture are designed to help strengthen the gums and teeth while protecting against infections, tooth loss, and doggy dental disease.

At PetCulture, nothing makes us happier than helping your dog live a long, happy, and healthy life. Shop Tasty Bone dog toys, along with our range of other dog accessories and dog dental treats, to support your pooch’s oral health. Buy now for free delivery options and 30-day returns.