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One shake of a bag of Temptations cat treats and your cat will come running. These delicious morsels are low in calories and packed with all the nutrients your feline friend needs. Browse Temptations cat treats online now.

Temptations Provides Delicious Treats Cats Love to Crunch

They’re the cat treats your little furball has been waiting for. Temptations cat treats are irresistibly crunchy on the outside and satisfyingly soft on the inside.

These delicious snacks come in flavours your cat won’t be able to resist, including tuna, turkey, beef, and chicken. Pick up a range of small bags to mix up your cat’s treats each day or grab a super mega pack of their favourite flavour to keep them satisfied all day long. 

Cat Treats that Support Your Cat’s Health

Packed with protein and enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, Temptations add a bit of variety to your cat’s diet while supporting their health. 

These mouth-watering meaty morsels are totally guilt-free, containing less than two calories per treat. They’re the purr-fect way to break up your cat’s regular diet without risking their waistline. 

Temptations cat treats are sure to get your cat purring the days away. And nothing gives us more pleasure than making your cat’s day. Shop our range of cat treats, including dental treats, online today and get free delivery options.