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Dog Travel & Outdoors


It’s every dog’s dream to go wherever their owners go. These travel and outdoor dog accessories make that vision a reality with comfy car-safe accessories and on-the-go supplies for doggy road trips. Make your doggo’s day with these handy dog accessories from PetCulture. 

Car Safety Is Paramount for Your Doggo

Seat belts save lives, whether they’re human or animal. Keep your dog safely secured to their seat with a seat belt dog restraint. These tethers can be plugged directly into your car’s seat belt receiver and clipped to your dog’s collar or harness with a sturdy carabiner. 

Have a curious pup that loves to stare out the window but can’t quite reach it from seat height? A stylish boost seat keeps your dog safe and comfy while still having a window view. 

Strap the booster seat securely to the car seat to give smaller dogs a much-needed boost. They’re easy to install and fully collapsible so you can store it away when not in use. 

On-the-Go Dog Bowls and Bottles for Adventurous Pooches

The perfect solution for shared human and doggy hydration—without the shared slobber. We have water bottles designed to act as a standard drink bottle for humans, but with a clever snap-on cup for your dog to drink from too.  

At PetCulture, your dog’s safety and happiness mean the world to us. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a quality selection of dog accessories to keep your furry family member safe wherever you go. Shop car accessories, dog toys, and more to get free delivery options and hassle-free 30-day returns.