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A happy, healthy pet makes a happy owner. Vetalogica provides premium dog food, cat food, and pet supplements with scientifically formulated recipes made for your pet’s specific needs. Browse Vetalogica pet food now.

Natural, Nutritional Recipes Made for Your Pet

Vetalogica provides grain-free, natural, and biologically appropriate foods, treats, and supplements for your furry friend with recipes scientifically formulated by pharmacists.

Our four-legged friends have specific nutritional needs that don’t aggravate intolerances but are instead suited to their biological makeup. From delicious dry dog and cat food to supplements and tasty treats, Vetalogica creates formulas made to support your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Vetalogica VitaRapid treats support your pet with a range of concerns. For example, Tranquil Daily treats for cats and dogs are made with chamomile and ginger to support the nervous system and maintain calm in stressful situations.

Buy Australian Made with Vetalogica Pet Food

Vetalogica pet food is Australian made and owned, with high quality, fresh ingredients sourced within Australia.

Products are batch made daily in small doses in a Sydney kitchen using low temperatures to lock in nutrients. The result is a tasty, fresh, and nutritional meal or snack for your pet.

PetCulture cares for nothing more than assuring the health and wellbeing of your beloved companion. Shop our range of Vitalogica pet food, along with supplements and vitamins for dogs and cats online today.