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Keep your dog looking sharp and runway-ready with Wahl dog clippers. Popular among professional groomers and vets, as well as home enthusiasts, Wahl dog clippers will give your dog the complete pamper treatment. 

Discreet Wahl Clippers to Keep Your Dog Feeling Safe and Comfy

Your pooch won’t run away from these discreet clippers. Wahl dog clippers are designed to maximise both their comfort and yours. 

The palm-sized Wahl Pocket Pro Dog Trimmer is just what you need to keep your dog’s fur under control. Contoured and compact for easy handling, it’s designed to be hidden in your hand so it doesn’t spook the pooch. 

Give Your Dog a Runway Ready Coat with Wahl

Wahl dog clippers come with a rotary motor and gear drive and stay fan-cooled for optimal comfort. A high carbon steel blade doesn’t miss a single hair. 

Fine-toothed narrow blades ensure accuracy and precision while working around the delicate areas of your dog’s face. Perfect for edging, outlining, and fine design work. 

All Wahl clippers come with a cleaning brush and oil so the clippers stay running smoothly no matter the intensity of the work. 

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog and an even happier owner. Give your furry friend a stunning makeover with the help of Wahl clippers and finish the job with our dog grooming products and a special dog treat to reward their good behaviour. 

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