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Make your pet’s life a little comfier when they have to don the e collar with a soft and inflatable ZenCollar. These collars for dogs and cats are a standout alternative solution to the stiff and irritating pet e collar. Browse now. 

ZenCollars More Comfy than a Plastic Elizabethan Collar

Your poor furball’s been through a lot. They don’t need an uncomfortable and debilitating cone of shame at the end of it. And yet it’s tough for cats and dogs to resist the urge to itch or nibble delicate spots. 

The preferred choice for veterinarians and pet owners alike, the ZenCollar protects your pet from reaching and aggravating injuries, rashes, or post-surgery wounds. 

The collar contains an inflatable air bladder that makes the device lightweight while an outer jacket protects the tube, keeps your pet comfy, and can even serve as a pillow when resting. It grants your pet 180 degrees of vision and facilitates eating and drinking. 

ZenPet Collars and Cones to Fit All Sizes

ZenPet collars are available in a range of sizes to suit pets of every breed. XS will fit cats and teacup pups while Great Danes and Mastiffs might need to size up to XL. Strong collar rings can be fastened to your pet’s collar so you can rest assured it will stay put. 

Help your beloved pet companion heal faster with a ZenPet collar or cone. Shop health accessories for dogs and cat health accessories online today to get free delivery options and 30-day returns.