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Ziwi Peak Cat Food & Treats


It’s the luxury cat food you’ve been waiting for. Ziwi Peak has all the cat food and treats you need to appease your pussycat. With recipes containing all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients, your fussy feline friend will be purring for more.

Ziwi Peak Recipes Are Nutritionally Balanced

Ziwi Peak cat food and treats are suitable for all cat breeds and ages, tabbies and tomcats alike. These wet and dry formulas contain natural ingredients and delicious flavours your cat instinctually craves.

Ziwi Peak dry cat food is gently air-dried to lock in the meaty flavour and nutrition. Even better, it contains ethically raised, free-range, and sustainably sourced ingredients so it’s not just good for your cat but the planet too.

Ziwi Peak has a strong focus on your pet’s health and wellbeing. These recipes contain hearty superfoods and varied sources of protein but they are also free from GMO, grains, and filler. They contain no artificial colours and flavours, TSPP gum or carrageenan.

Every cat loves a sumptuous meal. Ziwi Peak canned cat food comes in delicious flavours they’ll love, including lamb, venison, rabbit, chicken, and fish.

Feed Your Cat the Best With Ethically Sourced Ingredients

PetCulture believes strongly in giving your pets only the good stuff. Whether you’re shopping for wet cat food or delicious dry food your cat will gobble up, Ziwi Peak will serve you well. Shop Ziwi Peak cat food and dog food online today to enjoy free standard shipping options.