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PetCulture ...Make It Yourself

Let’s stop those cardboard boxes going to waste and have more fun with our pets! Here you will find some ideas to get you recycling in the home. Your pets will love you even more once they see what you have made for them. Everything you’ll need you probably have lying around the house.

    PetCulture ...Make It Yourself

    Getting Started With Your Boxes

    • Flap Cutouts.jpg

      Flap Cutouts

      Check the inside flaps of your PetCulture box to find templates. You can cut out templates with scissors. These templates can be traced onto the exterior of the boxes to bring the cat tower to life.

    • DIY Toys.jpg

      DIY Toys

      Some of the box flaps have brief instructions to create DIY toys such as play balls. If you need more instruction on how to create the toys you can find more instructions below.

    • Exterior Indicators.jpg

      Exterior Indicators

      On some of the box exteriors you'll find thin lines that indicate an area that can be optionally cutout to help the box link together with other boxes. These outlines work well because they align with other holes on other boxes.

    Small Box

    Small Box

    The smallest box in our arsenal comes with a door cutout on the bottom side of the box. Cutting out the door instantly transforms the box into a kitten's new playhouse or you can connect it to the top of a medium box and use it as the top of your tower!

      Box Features

      • Box Features small 1.jpg

        Can attach to large box

      • Box Features small 2.jpg

        Door cut out on the bottom of the box

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