Oops did you know we have moved?! Follow this link to our new site

Oops did you know we have moved?! Follow this link to our new site

Getting Started With Your Boxes

Before we get started, let's be clear. There is no one way to make a cat castle but there are features within the design of our boxes that may be useful in helping you construct your very own masterpiece.

Flap Cutouts

Check the inside flaps of your PetCulture box to find templates. You can cut out templates with scissors. These templates can be traced onto the exterior of the boxes to bring the cat tower to life.

DIY Toys

Some of the box flaps have brief instructions to create DIY toys such as play balls. If you need more instruction on how to create the toys you can find more instructions below.

Exterior Indicators

On some of the box exteriors you'll find thin lines that indicate an area that can be optionally cutout to help the box link together with other boxes. These outlines work well because they align with other holes on other boxes.

Small Box

The smallest box in our arsenal comes with a door cutout on the bottom side of the box. Cutting out the door instantly transforms the box into a kitten's new playhouse or you can connect it to the top of a medium box and use it as the top of your tower!

Box Features

Medium Box

Slightly bigger than the small, the medium box is great for joining boxes together. It has two cat hole cutouts positioned on each of it's shorter sides. These holes not only line up with other small boxes but can be used to join the medium box to the X large box.

Box Features

Large Box

The outlines on the bottom of the Large box can be cut to directly align with similar outlines on top of the X Large box. You can create the ultimate cat tower by bridging them with 2 medium boxes.

Box Features

X Large

The large box can be used as somewhat of a base for your castle. It has the most space and features two outlines on the top side which you can line up with any of our other boxes. 

Box Features