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Which one’s your pet?

We’ve assessed pet patterns, and found five key archetypes for dogs and cats.

Which one’s your pet?

Find your pet's personality

  • The Boss - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Boss

    Bold and always in charge. They make the rules and lord it over everyone.

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  • The Go-Getter - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Go-Getter

    Always alert and the first on the scene. These enthusiastic balls of energy can run circles around their peers. They’re the perfect workout buddy, and you’ll be catching your breath trying to keep up with them.

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  • The Opportunist - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Opportunist

    Ambitious schemers that know how to get what they want. They’ll love you then leave you for a better offer.

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Find your pet's personality

  • The Comedian - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Comedian

    Cheeky, fun-loving extroverts that love being the centre of attention. They’re always the life of the party.

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  • The Lover - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Lover

    Sweet and affectionate. These hopeless romantics love nothing more than a smooch and a cuddle.

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  • The Genius - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Genius

    These endlessly curious wunderkinds love learning and pick up tricks like no other. You can take them anywhere, knowing that they’ll attract tons of compliments on their good behaviour.

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Find your pet's personality

  • The Free Spirit - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Free Spirit

    Playful, happy-go-lucky and independent. They love playing games and going on adventures.

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  • The Sidekick - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Sidekick

    Nothing makes them happier than going on adventures with you and being by your side. They’re the perfect working-from-home, and napping companion. As loving and devoted as they come.

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  • The Introvert - Cross Sell 640x320.jpg

    The Introvert

    Quiet, timid and shy. These cats need time and space to feel safe around new people. But with some love and patience, you can certainly draw them out of their shell.

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