Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

About The Comedian

Comedians are happy, playful characters that love attention and know how to get it. They thoroughly enjoy playing games and have a tendency to run into trouble. 

You’ll always be entertained by their cheeky antics. Whether that’s breaking into cupboards for food, or pulling your undies off the clothesline. They’re always up to mischief.

You’ll find that they’re happiest when they’re right in the middle of all the action. And you can always count on them to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Though, sometimes, they can get a little overexcited and accidentally knock things over. 

Tips to keep a Comedian happy

These guys could play all day. So to keep them smiling, dedicate time for play. 

They love toys and playing games like fetch. Make sure you also give them plenty to do at home, which can save your garden and keep your washing from being destroyed. 

Because of their natural exuberance, be patient with them and teach them good manners. Channel some of that energy into positive training – these guys love to learn new party tricks like begging, spinning and shaking paws.

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