Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

About The Genius

Some call them the perfect pet. Polite, well behaved and always eager to learn something new. They’re as smart as they come. They love to impress and are always looking to please, so you’ll find they’re highly responsive to training and thrive on praise and treats. 

Everyone loves them because they’re attentive, obedient and a pure delight to have around. 

You can take them anywhere, knowing that you’ll be proud of their behaviour and can expect plenty of compliments. Because they’re so good, you might even feel a tinge of guilt whenever you leave them behind. 

Tips to keep a Genius happy

Keep their mind sharp by dedicating 5 -10 minutes a day to teaching them something new. Trick training is a fantastic way to enhance the bond you share and helps to ensure they’re intellectually stimulated. 

When you’re not around, make sure you provide enrichment toys to play with. They love challenges and problem-solving, so puzzle toys are perfect.

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