Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

About The Go-Getter

The most energetic of all. Enthusiastic, playful and love keeping busy. These guys often don’t have an off-switch, so you probably find that they’re always looking for something to do and somewhere to be. If you’re headed out to the shops (or anywhere at all), they’ll always be the first to volunteer to come too.

Because of their high-energy nature, they’re the ideal fitness pal. They love getting you off the couch, thrive on exercise, and will keep you in shape without even breaking a sweat. 

So if you’re training for a marathon, you’ll love having a Go-Getter by your side at every session.

Tips to keep a go-Getter happy

Go-Getters can be exhausting if you don’t teach them how to relax and have quiet time. Make sure you devote some one-on-one training time to teach them the basics, including sit, stay, drop and recall, so they have the manners to operate confidently in any environment.

When they get bored, they may become destructive and show behaviours like chewing or digging. It’s important to provide them with an enriched environment at home, with plenty of safe interactive toys. 

Or you could even introduce them to dog sports like agility and flyball. Daily exercise is important for their health. But keep an eye out for mud-puddles at the park, they can’t seem to resist rolling around in them. 

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