Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

Want paw-some pet content & 15% off your next order? HECK YES.

About The Introvert

Some might call them reserved. But you know that they’re full of personality; they’re just quiet about it. Never one to steal the show, their energy drains quickly when they’re in a home full of fuss. 

But they blossom in moments of solitude, with their favourite person by their side. Reserved? No, they just take time to open up.

And when they do, you’ve got a friend for life. Never will you have a closer bond than with your little introvert. It’s a bond that gets tighter and tighter over time, if you can overlook their occasional preference for you to, well, leave them alone.

Tips to keep an Introvert happy

They may be quiet, but they still know what they like. And a stage parent ain’t it. Don’t try and force them to make friends and smile for pictures. It’s very important to allow our inward friends to enjoy their comfort zone, and venture out on their terms. 

Peace and quiet is key for them to recharge, and a little Enya and a cuddly bed will always hit the spot.

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