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FuzzYard Yeezy Poop Bag Dispenser

FuzzYard Yeezy Poop Bag Dispenser


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Dog Clean Up & Hygiene
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It’s an unpleasant job, but someone’s gotta do it! So why not do it in style with the Fuzzyard Yeezy Poop Bag Dispenser.

Making it easy to pick up what your dog dropped off, this poop bag dispenser can hold up to two poop bag rolls (plus your keys!) Designed for ultimate, hands-free convenience, the bag can be easily secured to your dog’s leash with the two Velcro loops.

Featuring a little hole in the top where you can feed the bags through, grabbing a poop bag is as easy as grabbing a tissue.

  • Australian-designed cross pattern
  • Two Velcro loops can secure the bag to your dog’s leash
  • Hole in the front allows you to pull out bags as you would a tissue
  • Machine washable