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Lickimat Turquoise Cat Slomo
Lickimat Turquoise Cat Slomo

Lickimat Turquoise Cat Slomo


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Cat Bowls & Feeders
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Cats who tend to ‘wolf’ down their meals can be more prone to bloat, indigestion, and weight gain. Help them slow down the pace with the LickiMat Slowmo.

Featuring a pattern of divots and raised bumps that promote a more natural licking and foraging feeding experience, the Slowmo makes an excellent enrichment tool and an equally effective slow feeder at mealtimes. Suitable for wet, dry, raw, and liquid foods, as well as spreadable treats, this clever feeding mat can aid in digestion while also helping to prevent bloating and weight gain.

With no raised edges to prevent whisker damage at mealtimes, the Slowmo also helps to stimulate saliva-production to help protect the teeth and gums.

  • Made from non-toxic, food-grade TPR
  • Suitable for all cats
  • Stimulates saliva production to protect the teeth and gums
  • Can be used instead of a bowl to slow the eating pace and reduce the risk of bloat or indigestion
  • Suitable for wet, dry, liquid, or spreadable food and treats
  • No raised edge for zero trauma to the whiskers
  • Freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-friendly
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