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Mighty Raw Kitten Treats

Mighty Raw Kitten Treats


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Cat Treats
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Giving your kitten something deliciously meaty to sink their teeth into, Mighty Raw Kitten Treats are the mighty healthy and mighty delicious snacks that kittens love to munch.

Made with 60% chicken and duck meat, 40% vegetables, fruits and herbs, and no fillers and grains, these naturally tasty kitten treats are designed to satisfy the tastebuds while nourishing the body with healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Australian-made from locally sourced Aussie ingredients, these biologically appropriate kitten treats contain no artificial colours, flavour or preservatives and are packed with meaty flavours to satisfy your kitten’s natural need for protein.

  • Biologically appropriate treats for kittens
  • Contains 60% chicken and duck meat and 40% fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Made in Australia with locally sourced ingredients
  • Contains no artificial colours or flavours