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Pro Plan Kitten Starter Dry Cat Food
Pro Plan Kitten Starter Dry Cat Food

Pro Plan Kitten Starter Dry Cat Food


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Cat Food


Start your kitten out right with Pro Plan Kitten Starter!

Designed to start your kitten down the path to healthy development, this delicious Kitten Starter is made with real salmon and tuna for a rich source of protein that supports healthy bone, teeth and muscle development. With colostrum for strong immunity, and DHA for healthy brain and eye development, this delicious formula offers the complete and balanced nutrition your kitten needs to grow into a happy, healthy and strong adult cat.

Fortified with colostrum for an extra boost of immune support that also reduces the occurrence of intestinal upset, this tasty recipe contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and is perfect for all kittens under 1 year of age.

  • Complete and balanced nutrition for kittens under one year old
  • Contains colostrum for strong immunity and reduced intestinal upset
  • Includes DHA for healthy brain and eye development
  • Made with 43% protein to support optimal growth and development
  • Contains scientifically proven antioxidants for immune defence
  • Supports healthy bones, teeth and muscle growth