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Rufus & Coco Litter Tray Mate

Rufus & Coco Litter Tray Mate


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Cat Litter & Accessories
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It seems like no matter how clean you keep it, your cat’s litter tray still gets a little smelly. Not anymore with Rufus and Coco Litter Tray Mate!

A professionally formulated cleaning spray with naturally-derived enzymes and a fresh apple scent, this handy little spray cleans and sanitises your cat’s litter tray as well as all surrounding surfaces. Neutralising odours and removing urine and faeces stains, Litter Tray Mate contains no ammonia, harsh chemicals, or offensive fragrances that could deter your cat from using their litter tray.

  • Cleans and sanitises litter trays and surrounding surfaces
  • Breaks down uric acid salts in urine to neutralise odour
  • Removes urine and faeces stains without using harsh chemicals
  • No ammonia or offensive fragrance that could deter a cat from using their litter tray
  • Fresh apple scent