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Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash
Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash
Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash

Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash


Product Type
Dog Grooming


Sometimes, there just isn’t time for a proper bath. But you can still get your furry family member clean and smelling as sweet as a rose with Rufus and Coco Water Free Wash.

A professionally formulated dry grooming powder, this wash is perfect for quick cleaning, as well as for any animal who doesn’t like water. Containing all-natural ingredients, this special powder is designed to neutralise odours, absorb oils and dirt, and prevent static, while also adding volume to the coat.

A brilliant option during those cold winter months where a bath would leave your furry family member shivering, this Water Free Wash is as convenient as it is effective!

  • Water-free washing powder
  • Suitable for all animals, particularly those who dislike water
  • Neutralises odours in the coat while leaving it with a fresh scent
  • Absorbs oils and dirt
  • Prevents static
  • Adds volume and body to the coat